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Every one desires to have a bikini body. But the real challenge is lifestyle that leaves most of people with little or no option to have access to healthy and delicious meal that will help them make their dream come true. There are hundreds of diet plan to help you lose weight and eat better. Unfortunately most of the diet plans to lose weight impose some sort of restriction that makes it almost impossible to adopt the diet plan as a lifestyle. As a result, once your weight loss diet plan is over, your body bounces back, regaining back all the weight you have lost during your diet plan. The problem lies in our expectation. We want things to be fixed, fast. To deliver on these expectations, diets make use of extreme restriction. Needless to say, not only these diet plans for weight loss are un-sustainable, they are also unhealthy.

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Are all weight loss plans good for everybody?

Weight loss diet plan is not one-size-fits-all diet formulas. Each individual needs to design their own healthy diet plan. Diet plan for weight loss such as Jenny Craig, The South Beach Diet and The Zone are quite popular. They are often successful, at least in the short run. However they miss to address personal eating styles, exercise preferences and work schedules. As a result these diets do more harm than good. Moreover one diet may not necessarily be any more successful than the next. Knowing what you need is the most important information when it is about losing weight and making it last.

Six questions that will help you design your own diet

  • How many meals do you prefer to eat in a day – three, five or eight. Once you know your desired eating schedule, you can divide your calories accordingly.
  • How much time can you spare out in a day for a meal preparation? If you dislike cooking or you have limited time, you can simplify the cooking of fresh, healthy and lightly processed foods.
  • How much and what kind of support you need? Everyone needs some sort of cheering on to succeed. This is especially true during initial days to build morale. Family and friends can be the best place to find support. You can also turn to online forms and groups.
  • Can you have a daily treat to feel satisfied? Yes you can. Since you know how much calorie you need in a daily basis. You can distribute your calorie for throughout the day to make room for treat. For example you can reserve 100 calories for cookies or chips that you truly like.
  • Experts suggest taking at least 30 minutes of your time out for moderate physical activities. Your physical activities can include walking, jogging, swimming etc. Most diet plan to lose weight is based on the principle of calorie deficit which means eating fewer calories than you burn. Majority of people with no chronic condition cannot drop more than two pounds a week on a balanced diet.

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