Are The Customized Diet plans for women Better Than The Regular Plans For Them ?


By now, you must have tried diet pills or umpteen diet plans for women that failed miserably, only because either you couldn’t stick to their rigid rules or you didn’t like the taste of what you were eating. However, things have changed in the world of diet plans or weight loss plan for women and now you can eat delicious food while on a diet.

Diet plans for women are good to experience as they teach you discipline, will power, self-control and patience. But  how many women can stick to their resolve if they do not see any improvement on their new found diet?

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Here is a typical diet plan for women that can help you lose considerable weight. Let’s begin with breakfast.


It’s good to eat breakfast each day as it gives you good metabolism. If you eat a high-fiber breakfast like oats and an apple, it gives you a satiated feeling, and prevents you from making wrong food choices through the day.

If you want to get on to a good weight loss diet plan for women, eat hard-boiled eggs or poached eggs with whole grain toast and some fruit. According to a study, those dieters who ate breakfast comprising eggs lost more weight than those who ate just bagels. That’s because the protein content of eggs gives a satiated feeling, so one eats fewer calories for the rest of the day. You can also include a banana smoothie or one with fresh berries or non-fat yogurt.


Don’t make the mistake of skipping lunch as this can cause late-afternoon food cravings.3 weeks diet You can safely eat a turkey sandwich with whole wheat bread, mustard, tomato and spinach. finish with a small tub of yogurt and an apple. Else, you can have a bowl of chicken or vegetable soup, followed by grilled chicken, romaine lettuce and feta cheese. Reduce your calorie intake by having soup before your main meal.


By planning healthy diet plans for women, you can cut out your old habit of raiding the fridge in the middle of the night. For your plan to work, eat lean protein like chicken, fish or turkey with about a cup of sweet potato or whole grains and two cups of non-starchy vegetables. You can roast, grill or broil the above to get the maximum health benefits for yourself. Plan your dinner well in advance so that your weight loss efforts are not compromised.

These simple exercises, if done regularly, can fetch you the results you want. But remember, there’s nothing like the best diet plan for women, just one that works for you.

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